Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ode to RA

Today is not only the first day of Spring but also International Day of Happiness (so says Social Media). In honour of these, I just don’t feel like being serious. In fact, I just want to be silly.

I hope it makes you smile (aka don’t take it too seriously, please).

Rheumatoid Arthritis Sucks

R is for rheumatologist, a doctor for my joints
H is for hurt, please don’t touch those points
E is for elbow, that refuses to bend
U is for under the covers, my bed is my friend
M is for Methotrexate, the drug we must take
A is active, when all my joints ache
T is for tired, I just need a nap
O is Orencia®, so I don’t feel like crap
I is for inflamed, so swollen and red
D is for DMARD, those drugs I so dread
A is for appointment, a visit to my rheumy
R is for repeat prescription, this is getting gloomy
T is for temperature, oh no! I’ve got an infection
H is for Humira®, a type of biologic injection
R is for remission, when this all goes away
I is for injection, it’s biologic day!
T is tests, take my blood and monitor my disease
I is for immune system, stop attacking me please
S is for synovium, inflamed and giving me grief
S is for steroid, prednisone or cortisone for that instant relief
U is for understanding for when I feel pain
C is for C-reactive protein, a blood test from the vein
K is for killer headache, the meds make me pay
S is for support, to help us through each day!

Have a great day everyone!

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