Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I am declaring today “TAKE IT EASY TUESDAY” and spreading the news on twitter using #takeiteasytuesday.

The past month or so has been crazy. I am truly amazed and very thankful my body allowed me to do so many normal things. I celebrated my 40th birthday, attended parties, hosted parties, I was even able to keep up with my kids at school events and organized a kid’s birthday party. I somehow think I must have won the spoon lottery. 

But today, my body, has given me a gentle reminder that I need to slow down and rest up. And I know that it is OKAY to have a day of rest and relaxation. No guilt, just accepting that my body needs a break so that I can continue to be ‘normal’ every once in a while.

So everyone please join me today (and every Tuesday) by taking it easy! Spread the word!

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